This is where art and education meet.

In solidarity with our teachers who are fighting so hard for fair treatment for themselves and their students, we have decided to offer:

FREE ADMISSION FOR TEACHERS AND ALL EDUCATION PEOPLE WHO WEAR RED to the Friday night showing of Kentucky's Richest Man, the Life of John CC Mayo. This is how this came about:

Our mantinees on Friday afternoon were for the students in the area schools. This is our history, and they should know it. As it turns out, there is a high probability of school being cancelled on Friday by the teachers. That impacted our business model and the decision was made to cancel our Saturday show.

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, but seeing the situation as a whole we cannot turn our backs to what we know is right.

SO, come one and all, ye educators among us, the treat is on us. Come learn about the man who bent our culture to his model so you can prepare your students to see the next production.